MEPCO Bill Calculator

Over time, the use of technology has drastically increased and due to this technical advancement, the consumption of electrical energy has also skyrocketed. The price of electricity in Pakistan is very high and is changing drastically every next day. To keep in mind the monthly budget, all the bills needed to be calculated beforehand, and with many chances of errors in the calculation of the electricity bill from the authorities a personal calculation of the bill amount according to the units attached is a must to have. MEPCO provides you with a mepco bill calculator to get bill amounts.

MEPCO Bill Calculator


How To Calculate the Bill

Click the above button  in which you can see an option for Bill Calculator. When clicked on this option it will open a new tab on which an input box will appear under the Heading of MEPCO Bill Calculator. All you have to do is input your units in that box. This will give you the amount that you are going to pay for the units consumed. To check your units for the current month you can look at the picture pasted on your bill challan, or you can personally check your electricity meter. Look at the reading of current units and then subtract the units from the previous month’s units. This will provide you with the current month’s units that have been consumed. 

In your area the hours in which the electricity company charges the most units are called the peak hours. MEPCO services recommend not consuming more electricity during these hours and trying to avoid excessive use of electricity in peak hours. This can be done by switching off heavy electricity-consuming appliances. The peak hours recommended in the months from April to October are 6:30 to 10:30 PM. and in months from November to March, the peak hours are in the range of 6 PM to 10 PM. 

Benefits of The MEPCO Bill Calculator

This calculator is very helpful in times when you doubt that there are any miss-calculations in the bill. Sometimes electricity bills have to be calculated before the bills have been received. This is so that the monthly budget can be calculated accordingly. Now due to this online service, calculating the amount according to the units consumed, MEPCO provides keeping the unit price up-to-date is very beneficial. The service doesn’t require you to wait for any bill challan; you can check your electricity meter and note the reading it has. Calculate the units consumed up till that time and simply input those units in the input box of the MEPCO bill calculator. You will get the updated amount that you will be charged for those units. 


Keep in mind that the MEPCO bill calculator will only provide the amount per unit. The extra charges that the electricity company charges have to be added to get further final amount payable. 

Mepco Unit Rates For Domestic Connection

Mepco electricity bill is a tool for calculating bills for every user of Pakistan.You must know the per unit price to calculate a more authentic and reliable result.The per unit rate of domestic connection is following:

Unit ConsumedRate Per Unit
Consumed Units: 1 to 503.95
Consumed Units: 51 to 1007.74
Consumed Units: 101 to 20010.06
Consumed Units: 201 to 30012.15
Consumed Units: 301 to 70019.55
Consumed Units: More than 70022.65


We’ve explored how MEPCO, a user-friendly online service, can help us with our basic daily life problem: calculating the chargers that will be added to your electricity bill according to the units of electricity consumed. This service is very much important and holds significant importance in modern days where all the important budgets have to be calculated beforehand. MEPCO is the billing online service that will provide you with your current bill details or the previous 12 months’ billing history in detail. The details include the amount charged in that month, the due date, the date on which your meter units were read, and also the amount payable after the due date. With all these services which are free on our website, you can help manage your monthly budget accordingly. Along with all these services the MEPCO bill also provides a unit calculator that helps you in getting the most updated charges of units. You simply have to input the units consumed up till that time, by subtracting the current units on the meter from the last month’s reading. With this, you can easily calculate the approximate amount that you have to pay for the bill. Whether you’re a housewife, a worker, or a business person managing things, MEPCO’s tool can save you time and prevent mistakes by calculating error-free and updated charges.

FAQs of Mepco Bill Calculator

Can Electricity Bill Calculated Manually?

Yes,you can simply calculate your bill manually by using the Wapda calculator formula.Simply subtract your last month’s units from the latest unit and multiply by per-unit price.

How can we know the per-unit price information?

You can visit the Mepco tariff guide for the per unit price,tax details and sub charges.

Where is the reference number mentioned on the bill?

It is located in the bottom corner on the bill,it contains 14 digits.

How does the Mepco bill calculator work?

For using the mepco bill calculator,you have to enter your electricity meter readings and the latest tariff rates provided by Mepco.The calculator will estimate your bill.

Is the Mepco bill calculator accurate?

The MEPCO bill calculator is made to provide an estimate of your electricity bill which is based on the meter readings and tariff rates. Still, the real bill can depend  on factors like surcharges,taxes and other charges.

Do I require the reference number to calculate the bill?

No,you do not need to enter the reference number to calculate the bill.

What is one unit of electricity? What does KWH mean?

One unit of electricity means Kilowatt per hour, that is the amount of energy used by a 1 kw appliance for 1 hour.