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Access your MEPCO Bill on your device by visiting our online website We’re here to provide you with your latest Mepco bill amount and due date. Simply enter your 14-digit reference number in the below input box to check or download your Mepco bill.

Checking your MEPCO electricity bill’s 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID is quite easy. You can refer to the image below that highlights the designated boxes where the reference number and customer ID are printed: You can check your bill’s reference number from any of your previous bills.

mepco bill


Multan Electric Power Company Limited and Operator abbreviated as MEPCO, is a public limited company that has existed since May 14, 1998. The standard service provided by the MEPCO is electricity distribution. Its main job is to supply electricity to homes and businesses in Multan and nearby areas in South Punjab, Pakistan. is our website that anyone can search in their search engine or simply follow this link to get to our home page services. You can simply and easily get your mepco bill duplicate copy. Our online service is very dependable, open, and accessible providing a user-friendly experience.

Cities Covered by MEPCO

Dera Ghazi KhanSahiwalMuzaffargarh
Rahim Yar KhanPakpattan

Online Services Includes

Our online services related to billing in the previously listed cities include the following.

  • With every other service now provided online, our service also gives ease to get your current month’s bill duplicate copy. This provides a convenient way of checking your monthly electricity MEPCO bill beforehand. Now you can manage your monthly budget even before the bill has arrived. You won’t have to wait to receive your bill, but you only have to access our website through the Internet and get the job done.
  • The date on which the meter reading has been taken. This refers to the specific date on which the bill was officially generated and sent out. It indicates the exact day when the MEPCO electricity bill was finalized and made available to the recipient.
  • Generating a copy of your current month’s bill is a simple task through our online services. This copy includes all the details, the due date, the amount payable with extra charges after the due date, the current month’s units consumed i.e., meter’s reading, and other details. A lot of times the bill received can get lost so having a copy generated from our online services will make it very convenient. 
  •  Check the last 12 month’s bill history which will include the status of your bills(meaning if they are paid or unpaid) meter readings in that months, and the amount paid in those months. 
  • Unit Calculator is one of the most convenient services that our website provides. This service helps you check the charges that you will be charged with. The electricity unit’s price changes every other day, and keeping in mind the current electricity unit price is a lot of the time hard and inconvenient. Through our online service, you only need to enter the units that have been consumed up till now. This will enable you to plan the budget you will be spending on the electricity bill. To check the units consumed you can see the readings on your electricity meter and subtract them from the previous month’s reading. This will give you the units consumed. Enter the units in the input box of the unit calculator and it will provide you the amount those units have within an instance. 

Note: You still need to add different Taxes that the MEPCO electricity company charges to get the final approximate amount. 

MEPCO Peak Hour Advisory

MEPCO informs you on how to reduce electricity bills, MEPCO recommends minimizing the use of the heavy electronic appliance and devices during certain peak hours. It’s advisable to limit your electricity consumption during the following periods to conserve units:

– From April to October, between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM

– From November to March, between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM

By reducing excessive electricity usage during these peak hours, you can efficiently reduce your energy consumption and consequently decrease your bills.

How To Check Online MEPCO Bill?

Checking your Mepco online bill is straightforward, requiring just the 14-digit reference number available on any previous bill copy or a 10-digit customer ID. It’s important to remember that bill retrieval using your CNIC or name is not supported.

Mepco Bill SMS service

Mepco also provides bill details to customers through SMS. So, now you can get your bill by SMS. To get the bill detail through SMS, just type pitc<space>14 digit reference number; and send it to 8334.

New Connection and Transfer Process

If you purchased any new property where the MEPCO connection is already registered with the past owner, and you want to change the name on the bill, then you will follow the same process as the new connection. You can visit the nearest office and apply for the name change.

Tips for Reduce Your Bill Amount

You can reduce your bill amount by making some changes in your lifestyle. Tips are here:

1.Unplug devices: Unplug devices when not in use, because some devices continue to draw power. So, unplug small appliances, chargers, and electronics if you are not using them to save electricity and reduce bill amount.

2.Use Energy-Efficient Appliances: When purchasing new appliances, select the energy efficient models which have a high energy star rating. They consume less energy and save your money.

3.Use Natural Lighting: In the daytime take advantage of natural sunlight by keeping curtains open. Use natural light and artificial lights should be turned off.

4.Dry Clothes Naturally: After washing, hang  your clothes and let them dry in natural air, don’t use any dryer for this purpose. Dryer consumes a lot of electricity.

5.Avoid Peak Hours: Avoid using more electricity in those hours which often have high rates. Try to do electricity work in off-peak time.

6.Energy Efficient Cooking: Use microwave ovens or toaster ovens for cooking tasks, they consume low energy as compared to conventional ovens.

7.Make energy saving habits: Educate your family members and housemates about energy saving and encourage them to make energy saving habits.

Install TOU/TOD Meter

mepco bill

The TOU/TOD meter has different unit rates in peak-hours and off-peak hours. So, you can reduce your bill by using this meter. Its also save energy during peak hours. So, if you don’t have this meter and want to install it, you have to submit an  application in your respective subdivision.

Consumer’s Safety Guideline by MEPCO

Today electricity is a very important thing in our life, undoubtedly life is incomplete without it. But use electricity with care otherwise it can prove dangerous for us. Observe all the safety measures to avoid any dangerous incident. So, follow this guideline by Mepco:

  1. If you find a power line lying on the ground, inform the nearest complaint center as soon as possible. You can call on 061-9220169 its the MEPCO helpline number
  2. Never  hang wet clothes on power cables
  3. Avoid tying animals with electricity poles
  4. Use only quality cables wiring
  5. Always use a three-pin shoe for all electrical appliances
  6. Don’t leave naked wire without repairing, keep check on them 
  7. Don’t touch any electrical appliance when your clothes and hands are wet.
  8. If you find a person caught with electricity, use a wooden stick to get him free.

How to Check Load Shedding Schedule

Load shedding of electricity has become a major problem for Pakistan. And when it is done unannounced it becomes worse. People suffer a lot because almost every task requires electricity.

But now you can check the load shedding schedule of your city and grid station. You can even see the load shedding schedule by entering 14 digit reference number. Following are the steps to check the load shedding schedule:

  • Visit the CCMS site
  • Click in feeder information
  • Enter the 14 digit reference number in the search bar, and click the search button. You will get the complete schedule of load shedding of your feeder. The ‘OFF’ against the time is the sign that the feeder will be off during this time.
  • If you want to search by grid station or city, then you have to click on  ‘search by city, grid, feeder’ and enter the related information to proceed.

MEPCO Customer Service Detail

You can call the customer service directly by using the helpline of your city and solve the problem on the spot. Here are the list of contact numbers that are available for 24 hours a day.

District NameHelpline Number
Dera Ghazi Khan064-9239229
Bhawal Nagar063-9239031
Rahimyar Khan068-9230160

Contact Email MEPCO

You can write an email to mepco ,discuss your problem and get instant results.

Why Choose Online Bill Checking

Online bill checking has a lot of advantages which we discuss in following:


You can check your bill any time ,anywhere when you have an internet connection.No need to visit the office and stand in a long queue.


Online bill checking can save your time, because it’s quick and efficient. It saves your time and effort which is required in visiting an office.


By checking online bills, reduce paper waste and encourage a sustainable environment.

Accurate Records

Online bill checking gives you a digital record of your bill, it can track your payment history easily.

Information About MEPCO Bill Taxes

mepco bill


FPA, abbreviated as Fuel Price Adjustment, refers to the cost associated with electricity generated from Crude Oil. Fluctuations in fuel prices can result in variations in this portion of the MEPCO bill, reflecting changes in the overall bill amount.

TR Surcharge

TR Surcharge, full form Tariff Rationalization Surcharge, represents the difference between NEPRA(National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and GOP(Government of Pakistan) tariffs. A positive difference can be sponsored( meaning supported financially) by the GOP, while a negative difference might lead to an “Inter DISCO(The Design of cross-subsidization across different geographical regions) Tariff Rationalization Surcharge” paid by the GOP.

F.C. Surcharge

F.C. Surcharge, or Financing Cost surcharge, is a charge officially decided upon for each unit, it is incorporated in the electricity bills to balance the deficit amount between the government and power-producing companies. Which is around 43% of the electricity units consumed for the billing month.

Deferred Amount

The Deferred Amount on the bill provides the ease to pay it in the current month or defer payment to the next month. You can choose to pay this amount as an installment or in full during the upcoming month.

QTR Tariff Adj/DMC

QTR Tariff Adj/DMC signifies the Quarterly Tariff Adjustment amount. It appears on your bill every three months and shows adjustments made to the tariff. For accurate bill calculations, you can use our online service the Mepco bill calculator.


Knowing these components of the tax charging can help you understand the various charges on your MEPCO bill and you can make up-to-date decisions regarding your electricity consumption and payments.

FAQs About MEPCO Bill

Checking bill payment status is very simple. You just need to input the 14-digit reference number or the 10-digit customer ID inside the input box at the top in front of reference No. heading, and your bill details will be displayed on the next pop-up screen.

Checking your MEPCO electricity bill online at is effortless. Visit our website for this purpose. Follow the procedures mentioned in the article at the beginning. 

Accessing detailed information about your previous MEPCO bills from our online service is a very straightforward process. After you have entered the 14-digit reference code or the 10-digit customer ID inside the 12-month’s billing details heading box on our web page you will receive comprehensive details.

It is a simple online mepco bill calculator tool provided by our services. With this calculator, you can simply insert the units consumed and it will provide you with the amount of per-unit charges. It will include some extra charges that are always up-to-date.

The MEPCO allows you to check your MEPCO bill using email or SMS services. You simply have to enter your email, and you will get all the updates on your email via SMS.

You can use any online app such as JAZZCASH and Easypaisa to check if your bill is paid or not.

You can call on 061-9220169 for bill correction.

MEPCO MIC is an online information desk that is assessed by mepco employees.

No,you can not check your bill via CNIC number.You need to give your bill ID for this purpose.

You can contact the DSO office immediately to solve the problem. In emergency you can directly  contact MEPCO main office.

Yes, it’s a safe method to pay bills, but make sure it would be through a reputable platform.

To reduce your bill you will have to do some practices such as, unplugging appliances, using natural lighting, avoiding peak hours, drying clothes naturally, encouraging habits of energy saving and many more.

No, the commercial cost is more than the domestic cost. Though, sometimes you can get subsidies on commercials when GOP approved.