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Why are electricity bills high in Pakistan?

Some cities in Pakistan have recently witnessed protests over high electricity bills. Karachi, Lahore and other cities have seen blocking roads and burning tyres due to high electricity bills. The monthly shock of high bills can lead to financial strain and frustration. It’s a very critical condition for Pakistani people. Some days ago, the caretaker Prime Minister ,Anwar ul huq kakar,had held an emergency meeting and directed authorities to take concrete steps within 24 hours for the cut in a power tariff . Kakar on Sunday said he represented ”the …

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mepco bill


As we all know that, electricity is an essential product for all the world. Because all the factories and industries run with the proper help and use of electricity. So the electricity is an important and essential raw material for each country. Now a days it has become a need for everyone. But a country name Pakistan is now facing the huge crisis of electricity, The shortage of electricity is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Due to shortage and breakdown of electricity Pakistan is going to face many economical …

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