As we all know that, electricity is an essential product for all the world. Because all the factories and industries run with the proper help and use of electricity. So the electricity is an important and essential raw material for each country. Now a days it has become a need for everyone. But a country name Pakistan is now facing the huge crisis of electricity, The shortage of electricity is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Due to shortage and breakdown of electricity Pakistan is going to face many economical damages, as many industries are not working properly. Also a common citizen is facing these crisis of electricity.

There are a lot of reasons why Pakistan is facing this crisis of electricity, and why are Pakistani people facing shortage of electricity?

There are some major reasons for this crisis!!!!

Lack of Resources:

                                           The main reason for the electricity crisis in Pakistan is lack of essential resources, there is a shortage of resources like, gas, water accessibility, thermal power etc.

Lack of money:

                                     Another very important reason for this is that, Pakistani government have not enough investment for their power plants. Unable to expand their electricity energy power plants.

Political interference:

                                                    Another very important factor is the unwilling disturbance of political leaders and parties in this field. Frequent changes in energy policies and interference in this sector, also bringing an unusual damage to that industry.

Free electricity for government employs

                                                                                   This is also a major reason for this type of crisis, as government employee enjoy free electricity, as people of Pakistan have to pay a bill. With an agency survey that above 250000 units of electricity has been used by the government employers. This is one of the most common crisis of lack of electricity in Pakistan.

Shortage of hydropower plants:

                                                                 That is another reason for the crisis of electricity in Pakistan. Because the weather and climate is changing continuously in Pakistan, lack of water supply is another factor that causes energy disturbance.

Thefts of electricity:

The robbery of electricity is producing a lack of electricity in Pakistan. Some people are self decider and go against the rules of government and nade theft to electricity.

Lack of hydropower plants:

One of the most common reason of electricity crisis in Pakistan is that Pakistan lacks in hydropower industry, Pakistan have not enough water supply to produce enough amount of electricity. Pakistan also not have too many number of dams to store water and create electricity with the help of hydropower thermals.

High demand and less production:

High demand of electricity but less production create another problem for Pakistan. An average need of electricity in Pakistan is above 20000 Megawatt per year, but the production of electricity in Pakistan is 15000 Megawatt, So Pakistan having shortage of 5000 Megawatt each year, that’s causes the shortage of electricity in Pakistan.

Billing Dues:

That is another reason why Pakistan is passing through the electricity crisis these days. The Pakistan government also relies on people’s taxes,but due to late dues of electricity bills and taxes , Pakistan’s government is not getting enough charges at time, Hence not investing properly in this field and causing a crisis and shortage of electricity.

There are some more reasons for these crisis, such as,

Unaware people

Unaware government

Overuse of electricity

These are the main and major reasons for the crackdown and crisis of electricity in Pakistan.

“If these reasons could not be controlled then Pakistan should be ready to face much bigger crisis of electricity”

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