Top 10 Best Ways to Reduce Mepco Electricity Bill

Reduce Mepco Electricity Bill: You’re not the only one if you’ve noticed an increase in your electricity bill from normal. Electricity costs are rising for everyone in Pakistan. In 2023, electricity costs have risen to previously unheard-of heights. If we remove the causes that are behind this issue definitely we can root out the real problem 

Causes behind rising electricity bill

When you question, “Why is my energy bill so high?” you can partially blame the utility provider, but it’s also crucial to look closely at your own consumption. Consider your energy usage habits when you’re at home. Then consider how much you might be wasting. Do you watch TV while you sleep? Using a washer/dryer cycle that is excessively long? Leaving the lights on all day? Although some of these are unavoidable, you have a lot of control over the majority. For instance, you must first determine which devices use the most energy.

Common Causes of High Electricity Bills

Worldwide Conflicts. …

Inefficient Light Bulbs. …

Rising Electricity Rates/Inflation. …

Peak Time Energy Use. …

Using Older Appliances. …

Over use of Energy Hunger appliance

You can take many easy and practical steps to reduce your energy usage and save money on your monthly bill; this article will explore several tips and strategies for lowering your MEPCO electric bill. Here are the top ten ways to save electricity and tips to reduce electricity bill.

  1. Energy-Efficient Appliances:

A wise long-term move to lower your electricity expense is to invest in energy-efficient appliances. ENERGY STAR-certified goods and other appliances with high energy efficiency ratings are ideal. Appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, and LED light bulbs that are energy-efficient use less electricity while doing the same tasks. Even though these appliances may cost more up front, the energy savings they produce over time will more than make up for that.

2. Unplug Unused Electric Devices to Reduce Phantom Loads

Does Unplugging Appliances Save Electricity? | Cardoso Electrical Services

Even when they are not in use, many devices and appliances continue to use electricity. This phenomenon sometimes referred to as standby power or phantom load, can account for a sizable amount of your electricity usage. When not in use, unplug appliances like chargers, TVs, gaming consoles, and PCs. You may also utilize power strips with on/off switches to quickly disconnect a number of appliances at once.

3.  Install LED Lights

Chart comparing efficiency, cost, and lifespan of incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs

Making the transition to energy-efficient lighting is another easy method to reduce your MEPCO electric cost. Traditional incandescent light bulbs can consume up to 75% more energy than LED bulbs, but they can also live up to 25 times longer. You may dramatically lower your energy consumption and lower your power bill by upgrading to LED bulbs.

4. Avoid the Usage of Air Conditioners in Peak Hours

When talking about gadgets that use more electricity, air conditioners come out on top. As a result, you should refrain from using it during the times when electricity usage is at its highest. According to MEPCO, these times are 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM from April to October and 6 PM to 10:00 PM from November to March. Additionally, you should set the AC to run in an energy-efficient mode, maintain a moderate temperature, and manage air leakage as necessary.

6. Use Energy-Efficient Water Heating

Saving Energy While Heating Water With A Tankless Water Heater

In the winter, the cost of heating your water can significantly increase your MEPCO power bill. Consider using a water heater that is energy-efficient to save your energy consumption. A fantastic option for lowering your MEPCO power cost is a tankless water heater, which can use up to 30% less energy than a conventional tank water heater.

7. Use Solar Panels

Solar systems are sometimes the best option to lower your electricity bill without significantly reducing your energy usage because they lock in your electricity expenses at a low rate. Solar power is a cost-free energy source. It is readily available throughout the year with no restrictions in tropical climates. Solar energy panels are a one-time investment that will save you money over time. If you have solar panels installed at your house, you can forget about load shedding, rising electricity costs, and power outages during windy weather.

8. Effective Laundry Practices:


Activities like doing laundry can use a lot of energy. Here’s how to improve their effectiveness:

To save money on water heating, wash your clothing in cold water whenever you can.

Before using the washer or dryer, wait until the load is complete.

To increase the effectiveness of your dryer, routinely clean the lint filter.

9- Ensure Regular Maintenance

Your electrical systems and appliances can use less energy and operate more efficiently with routine maintenance. To keep your appliances functioning at their best, maintain clean air conditioner filters, make sure cooling systems are properly ventilated, and schedule routine appliance maintenance.

10. Use Natural Light and Reduce Water waste

 Utilize natural sunlight as much as possible, during the day, dropping the need for non-natural lighting.

Take shorter showers, and use water-efficient fixtures, reducing the need for water heating.

To Be Concluding…………….

You can considerably lower your MEPCO electricity cost by using these techniques and adopting energy-saving practices into your regular routine. 

Remember that even small changes can have a big effect. Enjoy the advantages of decreased energy expenses while helping to create a future that is greener and more sustainable.

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