How Mepco Bill Calculator Helpful To Find Bill Amounts According to Your Units

Our online service is very helpful in modern times, where having all the budgets calculated beforehand is very crucial. This service is 24/7 available on our website for you to use. 

Why This Calculator?

Keeping in mind the changing GDP of Pakistan, an under-developing country, the electricity price drastically changes every other day. Keeping track of these changing prices of electricity is very hard, also while doing the calculations things can get messy and errors can occur. 

To save you from all these troubles our website provides the Mepco bill calculator. Using this calculator is very easy and convenient. By following the simple steps you can get the price equivalent to the units consumed. Whether you consume electricity for domestic usage, for your company, for industrial productions, or any other place, having an accurate per-unit price is very important. 

How to Utilize the Calculator

Accessing the unit calculator tool is quite simple. First of all, you have to click on the button with the title Mepco Bill Calculator on the home page of our website. This will display a new interface with the Mepco Bill Calculator heading. On this page, you will have to click on the Mepco bill calculator bar with a click sign written on it.

 Now you will have a screen pop-up with an input box having ‘Enter Units’ as the placeholder. Click on the input box and enter the exact number of units consumed by you. Instantaneously, the calculator will provide you with the calculated amount corresponding to the consumed unit. 

You will notice a few other charges printed on the calculated list. These include the taxes that are explained in the following.

  • The cost of electricity: is simply the amount of the charges that you have after multiplying the per unit price with the units consumed by you. The per-unit price is always up-to-date on our servers.
  • FC surcharges: these are the financing surcharges that are included in your bill to balance the electricity shortage amount between the government and the power-producing companies. It is approximately 43% of the electricity units consumed for the billing month. 
  • Electricity duty: is the charge that is raised by the government from time to time to manage all the charges for providing electricity services across different areas whether domestic, industrial, or other. These charges vary accordingly and our calculator keeps track of any changes from time to time. 
  • TV fee: the electricity bill is charged with TV fees to raise funds for the Pakistan state-run TV channel the PTV channel. Which has eight channels on different domains. The fee has changed and our online calculator keeps all the changes in check. 
  • GST(General Sales Tax) is imposed on all consumers at the rate of 17% of the per-unit bill. 
  • NJ surcharges: Neelum Jehlum surcharges are added to the billing unit at a rate of Rupees 0.10 to invest in electricity generating plants by the government since January 2008.
  • The total estimated bill will be displayed at the bottom of the list, note that this bill is not the exact charge you will be having on your monthly bill. Few other tax charges like the Fuel Price Adjustment(FPA) or QTR(Quarter tariff Adjustment) tax are not added as these charges are managed by the government. 

How To Check Units Consumed

Sometimes in bills, the unit calculations can get errors and the final charges can change due to that. What you can do is match your unit’s charges with the calculated charges per unit consumed. Simply check the units consumed printed on the bill or you can physically inspect your electricity meter. By noting down the current reading and subtracting it from the previous month’s reading, you will discern the units used during the ongoing month.

Strategic Management of Peak Hours:

Within your locality, the electricity provider designates specific hours as peak hours, during which higher unit charges apply. To have wise energy management, it is advisable to limit electricity consumption during these peak hours. Reducing excessive usage during these times can be achieved by deactivating energy-intensive appliances. The recommended peak hours for the period of

April to October are from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM. 

Correspondingly, during the months spanning 

November to March 6 PM and 10 PM.

Advantages of the MEPCO Bill Calculator:

The MEPCO Bill Calculator serves as a valuable tool for instances where billing calculations are questioned. On occasion, it is necessary to preemptively estimate electricity expenses before the billing statement’s arrival. This aids in effectively managing monthly budgets. The convenience of this online service lies in its ability to compute charges based on consumed units while concurrently maintaining up-to-date unit prices. No longer reliant on awaiting a billing statement, you can readily consult your electricity meter’s reading. Upon calculating the cumulative units consumed up to that point, you can seamlessly input this data into the website Mepco bill calculator. In return, an updated charge corresponding to your consumption will be promptly presented.


Discover the convenience of MEPCO, an user-friendly online platform addressing a common daily concern: computing electricity charges based on usage. This service is especially vital in modern times where budgeting is paramount. MEPCO, your online billing solution, furnishes current and past year’s billing specifics. This includes the billed amount, due date, meter reading date, and post-due payable sum. All these complimentary services empower effective monthly budgeting. Included is a unit calculator, aiding in precise cost projections. Merely input the consumed units, calculated by deducting the prior month’s reading from the current. This effortlessly approximates your payable amount. Our services safeguard time, ensuring accurate, up-to-date computations and preventing errors.

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