How to Get a Mepco Bill Through:

  • Mepco Bill SMS Registration
  • Mepco Web Bill
  • Mepco Bill via Email Registration
  • Mepco Bill App

For consumers, staying up-to-date with their monthly bills is now more convenient than ever. Gone are the days of visiting Mepco’s office or relying on staff for bill collection delays. Thanks to Mepco’s SMS registration service, web duplicate bills, email registration, and Mepco bill via the app, consumers can receive timely bill alerts on their mobile phones, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With the guide of this article, you can easily access informative data about Mepco Bill.

1-Details for Mepco Bill SMS Registration:

Consumer satisfaction is key, and Mepco understands the importance of prompt bill alerts. The process for Mepco mobile number registration is remarkably user-friendly.

  • Visit the Mepco SMS Registration portal at
  • Input your 14-digit reference number for SMS alerts.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Click the submit button.
  • The next bill cycle will include SMS alerts.

In a world where convenience matters, Mepco is taking steps to ensure that bill management is as seamless as possible for consumers. The SMS registration option empowers consumers to receive bill updates on their terms. With services available 24/7, the convenience of bill management has never been more accessible.

2-Getting Your MEPCO Electricity Bill Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the MEPCO website to access your electricity bill has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to effortlessly view your bill at your convenience:

  • Visit the Website: Begin by opening your preferred web browser and typing in the MEPCO website address:
  • Enter Your Information: Once on the homepage, you’ll notice a dedicated section for bill checking. Here’s where you’ll provide your necessary details. Enter either your 14-digit reference number or your 10-digit customer ID in the designated field.
  • View Your Bill: With your information entered, it’s time to click on the “Generate” button. Within moments, your MEPCO electricity bill for the chosen month will appear on your screen. Take a moment to carefully go through the details, which include the billed amount, meter reading date, due date, and any potential additional charges.

Gone are the days of waiting for your bill or visiting offices in person. With the MEPCO website, you have the power to access your electricity bill swiftly and efficiently. This user-friendly process ensures that you stay informed about your bill details without any hassle. So, whether you’re at home or on the go, the mepco bill website offers a seamless solution to check  and understand your electricity bill without any inconvenience.

3-Details for Mepco Bill Email Subscription:

Mepco recognizes that consumers prefer receiving bills promptly through email. The Mepco Bill Email Registration process is straightforward

  • Visit the Mepco website at
  • Provide your reference number for email alerts.
  • Enter your email address for billing information.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Email alerts for the upcoming bill cycle will be ensured.

Mepco’s user-friendly approach transforms bill management into a hassle-free experience. So, for a more convenient and efficient bill management process, explore Mepco’s email registration services today!

4-MEPCO Bill App: Your Duplicate Bill Solution

Introducing the MEPCO Bill App – your gateway to easily access your duplicate bill online. It’s as simple as downloading and installing the app, and then using your CNIC number to log in. Once logged in, just click on the “duplicate bill” option. Enter your reference number, and voilà! Your bill for the current month will be right there on your screen.

What you can do with the MEPCO Light App:

  • Load Management Schedule: Get insights into your load management schedule, ensuring a smooth power supply.
  • Billing Information: Access your billing details effortlessly, staying informed about your consumption.
  • Lodge Complaints: Report any issues directly through the app, making problem-solving a breeze.
  • Duplicate Bill: Retrieve your duplicate bill quickly and conveniently, all within the app.
  • Track Complaints: Keep tabs on the progress of your lodged complaints, ensuring a timely resolution.
  • Apply for New Connection: Applying for a new electricity connection is now hassle-free.
  • CNIC & Mobile No. Registration: Update your details easily to stay connected with MEPCO.
  • Track New Connection Application: Monitor the status of your new connection application.
  • Bill Estimator: Get an estimate of your upcoming bill by  mepco bill calculator, helping you plan your budget effectively.
  • Apply for Change of Name: Make name changes on your bills seamlessly.
  • Tariff Information: Stay informed about tariff changes through the app.
  • Load Management: Manage your load effectively to optimize energy usage.

The MEPCO Light App is all about simplifying your experience and giving you greater control over your interactions with mepco. It’s a step towards embracing technology for a more user-friendly and efficient approach. So, whether you’re checking your bill, tracking complaints, or exploring various services, the MEPCO Light App is your one-stop solution for all things MEPCO.

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