5 Easy Steps: How You Can Check Mepco Bill Online

Welcome to mepco.org.pk, where we address the common issue faced by many in Pakistan – the elusive MEPCO online bill. Countless people find their MEPCO bills lost in transit, leaving them searching high and low, only to come up empty-handed. But fear not, as we provide the ultimate solution to this dilemma – checking your mepco bill online. You’ve landed in the right place, and we’ve got you covered. Discover how to effortlessly check your MEPCO bill online by reference number and even access previous bills without any hassle.

Navigating the realm of MEPCO bill online check might sound daunting, but we’ve streamlined the process into five simple steps that anyone can follow:

1-Navigate to Google: Open up your web browser and head to Google.com – the gateway to your MEPCO bill clarity.

2-Access the Website: Type “mepco.org.pk” into the search bar and hit enter. Our website welcomes you to a world of convenience.

3-Homepage Exploration: Once on the website, make sure you’re on the homepage. You’ll find the MEPCO bill check tool conveniently located here.

4-Reference Number Entry: Using your previous bills, locate the 14-digit code. This code is your key to unlocking your bill details. Enter it into the designated space.

5-Hit Check Bill: With the reference number inputted, click on the “Check Bill” button. Brace yourself for the revelation of your bill details.

Without Reference Number

Sometimes the customers are also required to predict their bill. The unit calculator is the best option for that purpose. The Mepco unit calculator is very easy to use and is always updated. With all the extra charges and taxes included you can easily predict the bill that you will be charged with. After clicking on the unit calculator you will see an input box inside which you will enter the units consumed. These consumed units can be easily calculated by subtracting the previous meter readings from the current meter readings on your electricity meter. The result sheet after pressing enter will give the tax-included billing price for those units. These prices are almost as accurate as the original bill. The taxes included are further added to this bill which is always updated. 

1.Electricity Cost: This figure is calculated by dividing the price per unit by the number of utilized units. On our servers, the per-unit price is constantly kept current.

2. FC Surcharges: These levies, which amount to about 43% of your utilized units, aid in reducing the electricity gap between the federal government and power providers.

3. Electricity Duty: This charge, varying across different sectors, supports the provision of electricity services. Our calculator is updated to reflect any changes in this charge.

4. TV Fee: This fee, which varies across different industries, helps pay for the delivery of power services. Any changes to this charge are updated in our calculator.

5. GST (General Sales Tax): Based on the cost per unit, a 17% GST fee is applied to all users.

6. NJ Surcharges: All users are subject to a 17% GST charge based on the cost per item.

The entire projected bill can be found at the bottom of the list. Please take note that this is an estimate only; actual charges, such as Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) and Quarter Tariff Adjustment (QTR), are administered by the government and are not taken into account by our calculator.


With countless individuals facing the frustration of misplaced bills, our platform offers the ultimate solution through effortless mepco bill online checks. The streamlined process, detailed in five simple steps, empowers every user to access their bill details by reference number, eliminating the need for exhaustive searches. Moreover, for those seeking to anticipate their upcoming bills, the Mepco unit calculator provides an accurate estimate of costs, factoring in various charges such as FC surcharges, Electricity Duty, TV Fee, GST, and NJ surcharges. While the calculated estimate offers a comprehensive insight into the expected bill amount, it’s important to note that certain charges, like Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) and Quarter Tariff Adjustment (QTR), remain under government management and are not included in our calculator. At mepco.org.pk, we not only provide solutions, but we also ensure transparency in billing, empowering users to navigate the intricate landscape of electricity charges with confidence.

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