Electricity Bill Mepco: Understanding Charges and Usage Details

The electricity bills in Pakistan have been increasing drastically. At this time it is very important to understand what charges you have been charged with. When you fully understand the charges you can easily adjust your electricity bill according to your requirements. These simple changes and details that you should keep track of all the time are discussed in this article in an easy to comprehend form. Let us delve into these charges and usage details of your mepco electricity bill. 

In your mepco electricity bill, you will find certain sections with specific information related to your bill. These include customer information, billing section, meter readings, and details, and many other tax charges that are not elaborated. Here we will discuss and further elaborate these taxes and charges in depth. The topmost section after the header in the Mepco bill is going to be customer information, that contains the basic information like the address, and account number. It’s advised that you check this information the moment you receive the bill, Also if you are checking bill online make sure to write the information correctly. It is a common mistake among customers that they receive other’s bills and without looking at the information they pay the bill. To save yourself from these complications you need to check this section carefully. 

Below the customer section is the billing period, which is the length of the period for the charged bill. This period can vary on different factors such as when your Mepoc meter is installed new then it might be 3 months, when the meter has been cut off this period may change accordingly. But mostly the period for this is one month. 

The meter reading details section is also very beneficial when understanding your Mepco electricity bill. This section includes the reading taken from the previous bill, the units consumed will define the total bill you will be charged with. You must check if this reading is correct and accurately measured through your meter’s reading. The numbers on the meter reading sections are used by the company to calculate your bill, if there is any mistake in your readings then complain as soon as you can to the Mepco company so that you won’t be charged any extra charges. To check your units consumed or the meter reading you can simply locate your electricity meter, check the current reading on the meter, and subtract it from the previous month’s reading the number you will get will be the units consumed by you in that period. Further what you can do is use our mepco online unit calculators to calculate a predicting price for the units consumed in that period.  

After this section, you will see the extra tax charges on the Mepco electricity bill. These taxes change with time and keeping track of these changes is very important our online mepco.org.pk services also provide the most updated charges related to these charges. The surcharges are about 43% of the used units. They are used to ease the balance of electricity between the government and the electricity-providing companies. Electricity duty charges vary for different areas that help the electricity services. TV free is the bill fund taken by the government to the PTV company. GST is the general sales tax all consumers have GST charges of about 17%. The tariff details section includes all these charges added to the units consumed. 

Also if the bill wasn’t paid in the last month or was not paid in due date then extra charges will be added accordingly in the final bill section. The fuel charges are adjusted according to the petroleum price at the current time. This charge is fluctuating very much in Pakistan in its current states


To conclude we can simply state that comprehending the Mepco electricity bill is very much crucial for the consumers. The information that is displayed on the bill is there to help the customers understand and manage their bills accordingly. You can also adjust any extra taxes if your location is in an area where these taxes are to be excluded. These different sections will surely help you in maintaining your electricity bill and help you know if you are paying the right bill accordingly. 

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