How You Can Pay Your Mepco Wapda Bill Online: Easy Steps and Hassle-Free

The days of paying your electricity bills in queue are long gone. This survey, which was carried out by a private company, demonstrates that online payment for electric bills has become increasingly popular in Pakistan over the years. See the following bar graph and decide…..

Only 20% of people in 2018 chose to use online methods. However, a considerable increase was caused by the accessibility and convenience of online payment options, with 70% of the population choosing to pay their electricity bills online in 2023. This change demonstrates how our country’s financial transactions are becoming increasingly online.

Then what are you thinking…..?

Come on and take a start from now to pay your electricity bill online that is an easy and hassle -free way…

BECAUSE nothing is impossible….!

Nothing Is Impossible Meaning In English

Ways of paying MEPCO Bill Online

We are here to tell you how to pay your electricity bill online by using alternative ways. You can now pay your MEPCO WAPDA bill online with a few clicks, saving time, effort, and the inconvenience of conventional payment methods. With the help of interesting graphics to make the procedure even more approachable, we’ll walk you through the easy-to-follow processes of paying your MEPCO WAPDA bill online through this detailed guide.

You can pay through…….

  1. MEPCO bill subscription , Email and SMS service
  2. Through Mobil Apps (Jazz cash, Easy Paisa, Nayapay , Mobil paisa, Omni, paisa ,Daraz Wallet Oddhar App).
  3. Through Banks( HBL, Allied bank, MCB, BOP,Bank Alfalah, UBL, Mezan Bank, Silk Bank, Summit Bank, NBP,JSBank etc)
  1. MEPCO bill subscription Email and SMS service

To notify you through SMS/Email of your monthly bill, MEPCO provides an MEPCO Bill alert on your cell number. If you want to subscribe to SMS /Email messages, follow these instructions:

SMS ServiceEmail Service
To register your MEPCO Bill Mobile Number, click on the MEPCO website.                                                                            To register for the MEPCO Bill email, click on MEPCO website.
Enter your cell phone number and 14-digit reference number                  Specify your firm and a reference number of 14 digits.
You will consent to the MEPCO Bill being verified after clicking the submit button. Type in a working email address.
You will then receive an SMS alert after subscribing.                                                                        Subscribe by clicking. Your email account has been successfully registered.
Every month, you’ll receive a notification for a bill.Every month, you’ll get the most recent statement.
  1. Bill payment through Mobile Apps…

Users of Android and iPhone devices in Pakistan can pay their bills online through a variety of businesses. These businesses make it easy for their consumers to pay their bills with their user-friendly and reliable internet apps. 

The following list also includes some of the most popular and dedicated apps for MEPCO’s online bill payment services, which assist in quickly learning the status of a bill payment.

Steps for any mobile app……

  • Open your concerned app using your mobile.
  • Then, log in to your account and choose the option of bill payment.
  • Select MEPCO from the pop-up list and enter the 14-digit reference number
  • Now click on the pay button, and that’s all!
  • After receiving the confirmation message from the app, you can take a load off.
  • Keep in mind! You must have an adequate amount in your app account.
  1. Bill payment through Bank accounts…..

There are many banks in Pakistan that provide online bill payment services through credit/debit card too and you no need to visit bank branches too. MEPCO bill online payment through banking is a safe and secure way of payment without distressing about larceny or missing. 

Main Steps are …..!

To conclude……

MEPCO’s online bill payment services are a very practical, dependable, and hassle-free way to pay your electricity payments. You can avoid issues with after-dates or bill payment due dates by using above the aforementioned methods. Bill payment, however, only costs money for the convenience and pleasure of the consumer. Not only can you pay your MEPCO invoices online, but you can also track the progress of your payments and create duplicate bills.

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